Tony Fini has been in the construction and property development industry since 1956, starting as a project home builder and expanding into property and land development in the late 60’s.  

His first apartment project or flats as they were called in those days, was a 99 apartment development in Pheonix Park (Spearwood). From there Tony developed units and townhouses in South Perth, Como and surroundings after which he branched out into inner city apartments in the early 1990’s. 

The most successful and acknowledged project undertaken by Fini Group was St James Estate, which won the coveted Prix d’Excellence Award. 

Tony sold Fini Group to the Mirvac group in 2001, as he was going to retire to his Olive Grove, but after 10 years of semi-retirement, he has ventured back in the world he loves the best.

Nadia Lefroy was also a member of the Fini Group team, joining in 1991, where she learnt about the world of construction and property and land development.




All our buildings have a 5-6+ star rating. The benefits of building with a 5-6+Star homes are as wide as they are far-reaching. Beyond the significant overall running cost benefits, there are also general improvements to quality of life, as well as to the greater community, such as better management of electricity and gas networks.


Our aim is to develop projects that are close to shops, transport and/or public amenities, so that we can reduce the use of cars and encourage people to take advantage of amenities nearby and public transport.


The quality and finish of our end product is very important to us, as we don’t believe in handing over a product that isn’t acceptable to ourselves. We look for partners whom are able to achieve this, this includes our suppliers, design team and the builder we choose to partner with us in our projects.

Architectural designs

All our buildings are architecturally designed to make the most of the available natural lights and feature functional living spaces together with open-plan areas. Our projects have sleek and modern finishes and we attempt to provide communal spaces where possible.


Tony Fini

Tony has been in the building and property development industry since 1956 and has been part of many successful developments around Perth. With nearly 60 years in the industry there are not many others with a greater knowledge and experience. 

Nadia Lefroy

Nadia started her career at Fini group in 1991 as a sales person. By 2000 she was Project Coordinator for The Homeswest New living program in Karawara and part of the project team involved in all inner city projects. Nadia was involved with the design and development of many of their inner city projects, dealing with the Architects, Consultants, Designers and marketing people for many projects.

Since 2001 Nadia has been running her own consultancy business and now a building company that specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovations, where she undertakes all the design work and project management herself.

Anthony Chun

Anthony is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) since 1996 with extensive experience in banking, finance and property development.

He began his first property development projects in 1999 and is specialised in the project feasibility, funding, and management of various developments. Anthony is also a Director of private property investment and development companies and Director of Robert Biagioni Constructions and Legacy Homes.

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